Satellite Operation E-learning Platform

Satellite Operation E-learning Platform

A governmental aerospace organization aimed at developing an interactive e-learning platform which would ensure that the trainees acquire the necessary operational skills while eliminating the risks and costs related to live satellite manipulation.

Satellite Operation E-learning Platform

  • Full-cycle training support and administration
  • Authentic satellite behavior simulation at all operational stages
  • Real-time and on-demand user activity monitoring
  • Secure data and content management


Our customer – a governmental aerospace organization – aimed at developing an interactive e-learning platform which would ensure that the trainees acquire the necessary operational skills. The customer’s goal was to eliminate the risks and costs related to live satellite manipulation by providing its trainees with a web-based education portal that would encompass authentic spacecraft behavior simulation at all operational stages.


The developed platform represents an interactive E-learning tool that provides users with a set of instruments for data and content management, activity tracking and administration, study progress evaluation, behavioral visualization and more. The solution comprises a web-based frontend which covers the full-cycle of operational training including satellite launch and flight dynamics control as well as a desktop-based solution that allows administrators to manage the educational process.


The solution enjoys full integration with customer operators’ automated workplaces, thus, ensuring the efficiency of simulation and delivering authentic satellite control experience. The functionality of the solution varies depending on whether the platform is accessed by trainers, trainees or administrators:

  • Trainees access various courses assigned to them, view and download available training materials, view pending tasks, submit their assignments and observe the satellite’s responsive behavior, get evaluated and certified pursuant to successful training completion
  • Administrators manage the system and the database, tweak the platform and perform tasks related to its preparation for the training cycle
  • Trainers create and manage training courses, upload relevant training materials, create and evaluate assignments as well as monitor and manage trainees’ activities and progress both in real-time and on-demand

Training Web-Portal

The web-based portal contributes to the decrease in training time while providing more flexibility both to trainers and trainees. The training can be done anywhere with online connectivity, providing great convenience and enhanced study experience. Completion of the web-based training provides soon-to-be satellite operators with necessary skills and knowledge in a non-demanding and convenient way.

  • Front-end. Trainees gain remote and secure access to the portal where all the training materials and information regarding their learning status, pending assignments, evaluation and progress are consolidated. The trainees also receive timely notifications of new tasks and materials uploaded by trainers as to easily keep in track with their progress. When working on assignments trainees’ screens are remotely shared with trainers which provides for real-time control over students’ performance and immediate trainer response.
  • System Administration. In order to secure safe and prompt administration the solution envisages the development of desktop clients which shall support all major operating systems, thus, ensuring back-end flexibility and coherent cross-platform user experience.
  • Satellite Behavior Simulation. The latest technologies in object modeling and visualization were utilized to precisely reproduce spacecraft behavior during all operational phases. The platform retrieves and processes the submitted parameters as to visualize the way a real satellite would respond to user’s input during costless and risk-free simulation.

Technology Overview

The solution created by our .net developers utilizes .NET 4.5 as the main framework for the development of desktop-based backend clients which ensures the application’s cross-platform coherence. Thus, the application is fully compatible with all major OSs such as Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and UNIX.

The database layer of the solution is built on Microsoft SQL Server as a powerful and reliable system that delivers a comprehensive set of features for secure data management.

The web portal is developed using HTML5, JavaScript and EXT.Net as to create a user-friendly cross-browser GUI.


Enhanced training management and administration abilities provided by the solution secure a seamless study workflow and elevate the overall training quality. The solution serves as a unique educational tool for raising skilled and knowledgeable satellite operators by delivering authentic spacecraft control experience and eliminating all expenses and risks related to live satellite manipulation.


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