Partner Portal: Web-based Access to SAP CRM

Partner Portal: Web-based Access to SAP CRM

For a leading provider of office solutions Rayyan Technology delivered a web portal enabling the Customer’s geographically dispersed resellers to harness the functionality of the company’s customer relationship management software.

Partner Portal: Web-based Access to SAP CRM

  • Single access point to SAP CRM’s functionality for all company’s geographically dispersed resellers
  • Integration with Magnolia CMS
  • Boosted sales, promoted collaboration, facilitated operations


The Customer is a Russia-based representative office of the world’s leading provider of office solutions – equipment and consumables.

The company’s network of resellers in Russia comprises over 1500 authorized partners, each assigned a status depending on the collaboration intensity, company’s profile and expertise.

The Customer approached Rayyan Technology requesting development of a partner portal that would provide their resellers with a tool to manage procurement of document management equipment and consumables. The portal was designed to enable the Customer’s authorized partners to harness the features of company’s SAP CRM system.


The portal delivered by Rayyan Technology provides authorized partners with a web interface to customer management services. The system automates the following business processes:

  • managing procurement process
  • generating reports

Using the system, resellers create requests and manage the whole request life cycle, from viewing the request to editing description to changing request status. Sales reports are generated to be subsequently exported to Excel or sent to our Customer.

Ensured Compliance with Company’s Style Guide

For a company operating globally, look and feel consistency over all its customer- and partner-facing sites is as important as brand consistency. The portal’s UI is fully compliant with the Customer’s style guide and ensures consistent user experience.

Technical Overview

From the technical perspective, ExtJS Java application framework was employed to leverage Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting and to ensure seamless navigation and UI flexibility.

Caching across multiple servers was enabled to reduce the number of requests sent to external services, thus, reducing significantly the server load and speeding up operation of the application.

The portal was integrated with Magnolia CMS via a CMIS connection, with single-sign on integration ensured.


Itransition’s specialists performed the tasks they were approached with in close collaboration with the Customer’s highly qualified team.

The system was deployed to production and is currently enabling to accomplish the ultimate goal pursued by our Customer – that of boosting sales, promoting collaboration and facilitating operations of all the company’s authorized partners dispersed across the country.


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