Online Recruitment Platform

Online Recruitment Platform

SaaS for Employers, Recruiters and Job Seekers.

Online Recruitment Platform

  • Full cycle recruiting process support
  • Secure candidate profiles management system
  • Video interviews and online tests modules
  • High performance and scalability for productive media content management
  • Time tracking and reporting module


As many other business activity areas, traditional recruitment model can be enhanced with the power of modern technology. Our customer based in Australia decided to launch a nationwide online pay-as-you-use recruitment platform that would provide employers and recruiters with a full cycle process support.

The ambitious goal was to enable companies to cut their recruiting costs by up to 80%. The biggest challenge was to turn the idea into a functioning business, and Rayyan Technology was chosen as a professional and reliable partner to entrust the project to.



The platform connects businesses with a network of expert recruiters who manage candidate profiles and communication using the platform. The developed software is a SaaS solution comprising a set of tools for content management, collaboration, time tracking, reporting, messaging and more.

Functional Features

Roles and Activities

User account functionality differs depending on the user role: recruiters, candidates and employers have access only to the tools and data relevant to their objectives and activity.

  • 1.Candidates submit their profiles, take psychometric and skills tests and conduct video interviews. Test results, interviews and communication logs become a seamless part of candidate profile and can be reused in the future.
  • 2.Recruiters are able to collect and organize profiles and to continuously improve their candidate database. The Platform provides tools to tag, comment and share relevant profiles with employers, organize interviews, communicate and keep message history.
  • 3.Employers are free to securely review profiles shared by recruiters, set up qualification tests and leave a feedback. They have options to browse and select recruiters or post an open position which immediately becomes visible for multiple recruiters. To select the best-fit recruiter employer can compare recruiters’ prices, performance statistics and previous experience, ratings and feedback from clients.
On-the-fly video interviews

On-the-fly video interview recording is definitely an outstanding Platform's feature. It allows users to record interviews and to securely share them. This online video system simulates the first interview and simplifies the initial screening process:

  • 1.Recruiters enter the interview questions into the system.
  • 2.The system invites the candidate to conduct the interview online, using the webcam.
  • 3.When a candidate is ready to start, the questions pop up on the screen and the recorded responses are being tagged and transferred to the media repository.
  • 4.The authorized users (recruiters and employers) watch the responses at their convenience.

To make it work, Rayyan Technology designed and developed a scalable and secure media content processing system supporting metadata management and media distribution mechanism involving video streaming solutions.

Online candidate testing

Online tests are suggested to candidates after their video interview and are aimed to assess a different set of competencies, including personality preferences and learning potential, as well as numerical, abstract and verbal reasoning.

Time tracking

Recruiters charge only for the time they put in a project, so the activity log module is essential – it enables precise time tracking and reporting. The module provides a complete transparency for employers and helps recruiters manage their projects and billing.

Technology Overview

The project clearly demonstrates Itransition’s Java software development focus and motto “Selecting the best Java technologies and practice to work inside your software“— a combination of more than 10 Java frameworks and components was implemented to build functionally rich, consistent and reliable software now delivered in SaaS model.

Leveraging REST architecture

The solution is built with the implementation of REST architectural approach empowering Java’s natural performance and scalability. Rayyan Technology designed the solution keeping in mind a 360-degree perspective of quality software:

  • High maintainability and functional scalability is achieved by avoiding monolithic modules and allowing independent component deployment.
  • Security is enforced by utilizing intermediaries and additionally restricting API calls for different user roles.
  • A lot of attention was paid to usability and user experience. Rayyan Technology developed both clear functional scenarios for user journeys and consistent user interfaces with clean layouts for content and data presentation.


The online recruiting platform was successfully launched after a year and a half of the cooperation. Rayyan Technology dedicated team has already developed a comprehensive solution, but our cooperation is still in progress as a number of additional functionality and features are to be implemented to fully achieve all the customer’s business objectives.



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