Advanced Portal for Mission-Critical Document Management

Advanced Portal for Mission-Critical Document Management

Advanced Portal for Mission-Critical Document Management

  • One-stop solution to access technical documentation on safety standards
  • Updated information on the technical assets current state to ensure job safety


Our Customer is one of the leading oil & gas enterprises developing oil fields and extracting resources. The company has an administrative office in the national capital and an oil field development center located a distance away.

Due to the industry specific features, all field operations are carried out in accordance with definite documented rules and standards. Critical documents define and guarantee operational integrity of the production. The Customer needed a solution that would provide the employees with access to the latest updates and document versions assuring work safety and efficiency.

At that time we had been collaborating with the Customer for 4 years and Rayyan Technology was in the short list of trusted IT companies. The Customer came to us with a request to develop a new system. We took the challenge and succeeded.


With Itransition’s help, it was calculated that the Customer loses up to 900 000$ each year because of the problems hindering the work with technical documentation:

  • Engineering documents were stored as a poorly structured archive in the department of document control.
  • Document search was hampered for numerous reasons. In order to find a document, employees had to know the exact document number or title. To find it out, they had to turn to the document control department every time they had to search for a document.

Having a nalyzed the problems and possible solutions, the development team defined the following project goals:

  • assuring easy, quick and convenient document access as well as search and sorting options using meta data
  • providing search by various criteria and adjusting document presentation settings
  • creating a user-friendly web interface to monitor the latest document updates


The new portal was developed to process the documentation on such critical issues as technology regulations, safety protocols, technical classifications of the work areas, main assets register, etc. The users are

  • document flow department specialists: they create, edit and delete files and folders, manage the directory/-ies, perform data search and review
  • engineers: they create, edit and delete files and folders, perform data search and review
  • other users: all employees who have rights to search for and look through the documents, but not to create new content

The functionality of the system provides a means of uploading, creating and storing up to 10 million documents stored on separate websites and organized into libraries for ease of use.The new system provides the Customer with quick access to the important business documents to update them, keep track of expiry dates, review and comment them using text and graphic items while keeping the original document for reference if needed.

One of the most important innovations brought by the new system introduction is quick and easy document search. From now on the employees can take advantage of full text and attributive search, the option of searching definite libraries and filtering to specify search results. Thus the employees can immediately access the latest versions of technical documents they need.

The Customer used the LiveLink solution to store documents. Itransition’s team integrated the new portal with it in a way that allows storing documents within LiveLink while SharePoint keeps the metadata and provides all the functionality mentioned above.


Rayyan Technology provided the Customer with the full cycle of services: business and functional requirements analysis, system development, integration, testing, maintenance and support, consulting and writing user guides.

As the project was very successful, the Customer decided to widen the scope so that the solution would embrace not only critical documentation but other types of documents ensuring operational integrity as well.



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