WhenYouWish Crowd-Funding Network

WhenYouWish Crowd-Funding Network

Needs and Ideas Crowd-funded

WhenYouWish Crowd-Funding Network

  • Productive and scalable online service
  • Mobile clients for iOS and Android
  • Seamlessly integrated with popular social networks
  • Secure payment receipts system


Today there are more ways than ever to raise money. Оnline giving has already affected non-profits and the services they provide.

When You Wish Ltd. — a group of enthusiasts with a substantial experience in charity fund raising — was inspired to leverage modern technology to give everyone an opportunity to fast and easily setup a fundraising project and reach a wide audience. The customer was choosing from a shortlist of mature software developers and opted for Rayyan Technologydue to the demonstrated expertise, experience and in-depth understanding of social communication on the web.


How it works

WhenYouWish.com is an online platform featuring rich social media functionality that helps people with needs or ideas raise money by engaging the widest possible audience on the Internet.

Any visitor is welcome to register and create a personal profile, launch a fundraising campaign to collect donations, or browse projects and pledge to fundraising. A fundraiser can easily reach the audience: there are plenty of ways to attract the attention of the potentially interested people.

Secure Payment System

Rayyan Technologymanaged to avoid complicated ways of making a donation, and created a clear and user-friendly website, baked up with top-of-the-line security. Payment receipts and accounting system, which is definitely one of the solution’s kernel functionality, is seamlessly integrated with PayPal and meets all the security requirements.

Google Maps Integration

A fully customized Google Maps interface with clustered icons was integrated to make the application easy and handy to use and to enhance the UX. Maps provide location search to filter projects for donation by region.

Crowd-funding Project Presentation

Rayyan Technologyadheres to user driven interface design principles. The website offers the best presentation design clear and attractive for users without any technical background. Users have a possibility to:

  • Embed media content
  • Upload files, including videos
  • Communicate and get a feedback in comments

Social Networks Integration

Facebook and Twitter integration helps promote projects in social networks:

  • Log in with Facebook account
  • Engage more active users and expand the community
  • Viral effect via liking and sharing content

Smart Solution Architecture

Rayyan Technologyleveraged the most efficient of the latest technologies to ensure high quality of each layer of the solution allowing users work efficiently. Application architecture design considers development, maintenance, and operational needs of the customer.

iOS and Android apps to enhance service access

To facilitate funding and to always keep in touch with the audience, Rayyan Technologydeveloped native iOS and Android applications that enable mobile access to the functionality and data provided by the online service. Mobile clients were launched to add value by extending user experience and functionality options and engage tech savvy users who prefer various mobile devices. Now users can track the status of their projects or make donations right from their smartphones and tablets.


In the development of When You Wish crowd-funding service Rayyan Technologyapplied a smart architectural approach, implemented a powerful technology to provide security, and created handy management tools. When You Wish comes in line with the original customer’s requirements and makes fundraising easier and more effective.



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