Organic Food Community Portal

Organic Food Community Portal

a Powerful Commercial Leverage for SMEs

Organic Food Community Portal

  • Powerful online BI-driven sales and marketing tool
  • Comprehensive suite of community-focused services and solutions
  • Integrated proprietary Quality Assurance system for partner evaluation and relationship mapping


Improving the health state globally

Driven by the mission of making natural and organic products more accessible and affordable across the world, while improving the overall health state globally, our US-based Customer planned to support its effort in the given direction with a portal solution. The platform was to provide a variety of services for SMEs willing to profitably grow their business in the Organic and Specialty Foods market.

Targeting growers, processors, distributors, and retailers, the solution was expected to eliminate the inherent market inefficiencies, providing the future participants an opportunity to promote the growth of sustainable businesses by accessing qualified and verified partners.

Having evaluated offerings from a host of service providers, the company selected Rayyan Technologythanks to demonstrated expertise in developing advanced e-Commerce solutions, proven web design and UX skills, as well as strong delivery capabilities across multiple locations.


A powerful online BI-driven sales and marketing tool

Rayyan Technologyimplemented a web-driven community-based platform offering the portal users a comprehensive suite of services and solutions. The system provides advice on ways of improvement for conducting e-Commerce locally, regionally, and globally.

Some of the key features of the system available for registered users are the possibility to trade in organic and specialty food and evaluated partner search.

In fact, Trade Support Partner evaluation is periodically performed within a proprietary Quality Assurance system that leverages the latest search, relationship mapping based on a role-focused questionnaire-like algorithm, and inferential technologies. They allow to assess the partners against e-Commerce trade readiness, financial and operational integrity, product and service quality along with social responsibility.

Other solution features include:

  • Business Partner Matchmaking: enables members to find the most qualified and verified partners to establish business relations with.
  • Group Buying: allows members to reduce their purchasing costs by participating in consolidated buy orders for products or services offered by other community members.
  • Volume Discounts: possibility to offer volume based sales discounts to encourage large orders.
  • Flash Sales: possibility to set up flash sales/deals of the day that provide targeted and timebased discounts on selected products with payments process through online payment accounts.
  • Business Insights: member access to a regularly updated library of information on improving business performance. Insight is provided in the form of databases, industry reports, events calendars, and member forums.
  • Business Intelligence: customized confidential studies and reports for members covering market and product research, customer and competitor intelligence, as well as market and product trends.
  • Trade Support: access to a qualified network of service providers in areas such as trade financing, trade logistics, finance, legal and insurance to help facilitate the buying and selling of their products.

The portal was designed to be able to store and process thousands of concurrent users and millions of records, while still providing fast response time.


A globally accessible commercial leverage for SMEs

The delivered solution meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security standards with all the due cardholder data protection and vulnerability management mechanisms in place. Augmented with a role-based access control, the portal serves as a robust and secure e-Commerce platform. It is now used as a powerful commercial leverage that assists SMEs in the Organic and Specialty Foods market across the globe in managing their key business functions online – from filling the excess capacity and disposing of excess inventory to exercising member buying power, while extending their supplier and distribution channels.



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