Automated KPI Tool for an Oil & Gas Company

Automated KPI Tool for an Oil & Gas Company

One of the oil & gas industry leaders turned to Rayyan Technologywith a request of developing a solution for report generation to improve the process of company’s performance analysis.

Automated KPI Tool for an Oil & Gas Company

  • Developing a solution to analyze the enterprise key performance indicators
  • Establishing an easier process of report generation


The Customer is one of the leading oil&gas enterprises developing oil fields and extracting resources. The majority of the staff works in the oil fields while the administrative office is located in the country capital.

Rayyan Technologyhas successfully worked with the Customer before. When it became necessary to review the reporting system to get rid of the inconsistencies and errors accumulating with time, the Customer confided in us as a trusted vendor due to the industry understanding, software development expertise and background in business intelligence consulting.


The Customer’s company performance data on the key business dimensions — oil extracting, human resources and finances — was scattered across numerous documents and reports created by different employees and departments. Information was shared via email on a monthly basis which was not enough to keep track of the company’s achievements and respond in a timely manner.

The Customer requested a solution that would let the company spend more time and resources on analyzing data and taking action than on writing reports. To increase the efficiency, it was necessary to have a centralized solution for corporate data storage, processing, visualization and transfer. Having analyzed the requirements, it was decided to create a system that would automatically estimate key performance indicators (KPIs) and present them visually to employees in diagrams.


The solution is a desktop application developed to meet the following objectives:

  • create conveniently accessible means to visualize KPIs in a single location
  • provide KPIs in a timely and consistent manner
  • when a deviating KPI is identified, be able to drilldown and identify the reason for the deviation, thus providing an early opportunity to address
  • reduce effort for preparation supporting analytical reports for KPI deviation analysis and eliminate scattered computational methods
  • control data quality: various methodology and inputs can be applied for the same KPI estimation

Itransition’s specialists were involved in requirements analysis, interface and solution development and testing. The team worked in close cooperation with the Customer’s in-house IT team.


All in all, the development team worked out 10 toolbars containing KPIs presented as diagrams. They are all included into one user-friendly interface that allows working with toolbars in two languages (English and Russian) as well as filtering the data that certain department analysts process. For further analysis, there is a possibility to navigate to a detailed report from any diagram point to get the information on how a certain figure was generated.

The Customer is satisfied with the project’s execution and key figure systemization in particular: Itransition’s business analyst was the one to offer the structure, visualization model and business logic to meet the Customer’s needs.



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