Email Archive Migration Solution with Highest Data Fidelity

Email Archive Migration Solution with Highest Data Fidelity

Email Archive Migration Solution with Highest Data Fidelity

  • 25+ storage formats and platforms supported
  • Unlimited archive size, guaranteed data integrity
  • 1.5+GB/minute archive processing speed (extracting, converting and writing)


In early 2006 one of the world’s leading vendors focused on email archive management submitted a tender to deliver a next-gen software for email archive migration. The system had to support multiple platforms while ensuring 100% data integrity. Rayyan Technologyteam’s software engineering skills and technology competence secured a successful bid to be test-driven during the rescue of the Customer’s existing shortcut management tool. Deeply comfortable with the results and expertise of our dedicated team the Customer and Rayyan Technologywent on with the full-scale project implementation.


The client-server solution represents a Windows-based platform which provides for securelegacy email archive content migration to alternative archives and messaging platforms. The solution enables seamless, selective and audited transportation of data from/to 25+ archive systems without compromising its integrity and ensuring that it remains seamlessly accessible during migration.

Functionality Overview

The delivered platform provides fordirect email archive data migration and supports most email archive platforms, both on-site and cloud-based. The solution envisages user-specific functionality providing different users only with the access needed for their tasks and ensuring proper workload distribution:

  • Fast Processing Rates. The solution automates email archive migration with a highly performant engine that creates a direct pipeline between virtually any third-party archive and Exchange and/or Office 365 using Exchange Web Services API. The multi-threaded engine delivers an unmatched processing rate, extracting, converting and writing data at speeds over 1.5 GB per minute.
  • High Data Fidelity.All migrated items are checked and transferred in a stepwise manner, eliminating data loss or tampering risks. Each item gets audited, and the users are provided with reporting and analytical tools for detecting and troubleshooting potential issues.
  • Flexible Migration.The solution allows users to analyze e-mail archive contents, profile them and perform selective record migration, as well as define retention policies, remove duplicate data and filter out obsolete data. The platform also provides users with tools for legacy shortcut clean-up and generates detailed reports for data traceability.
  • Zero Impact on Users. The solution reads archive databases during migration while keeping their data or user access unchanged. Migration and conversion are carried out ‘on-the-go’ without stopping the source archive service since data gathering, analysis and migration are run in a read-only mode. The solution also provides for scheduling migration and limiting bandwidth usage as to ensure workflow persistence despite network and system capacities.
  • Versatile Platform Support.The delivered solution offers a series of connectors that support migration between and within different versions of industry-leading archive formats, as well as the migration of data held in systems that are maturing or declining in popularity into newer, more capable environments.

Technology Overview

The solution utilizes .NET as the main technology framework and the .NET Remoting API for inter-process communication. The client UIs are built using Windows Forms and Windows Communication Foundation, based on Infragistics components. Microsoft SQL Server is used as the database layer.

The reporting functionality is based on DevExpress, a powerful suite which provided for building complex and detailed migration reports. Application development process was notably simplified by utilizing the Apache log4net logging library. Our .net developers helped to integrate the solution with the following archive systems: HP Riss Query API, Symantec EV API, EMC S1 API, EAS API, EWS and Centera.

Project Timeline


Our dedicated team delivered a comprehensive email archive migration solution tailored to the Customer’s needs. The platform’s ability to process large amounts of data reliably and at speeds up to ten times higher than what competitors’ products offer secured the Customer’s leadership position in the market. Since its release more than 800 companies already enjoyed the benefits of the fastest migration solution with near-zero processing errors and highest data fidelity. Cooperation with the Customer is still in progress as the solution is being modified to include an additional number of supported archive platforms with enhanced usability and functionality. Rayyan TechnologyInc.


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